Choose Southern Utah Leak Detection Specialists

Got a leak? We’ll take a peek!

We use specialized cutting edge tools and equipment that provide accuracy and precision. If you think you may have a leak give us a call first. We take pride in being able to find even the smallest of pinhole leaks.

Leaks are not always visible to the human eye, Southern Utah Leak Detection Specialists are highly skilled, trained and certified professionals that provide unique state-of-the-art equipment to find the source of the leak in a safe and timely manner. The longer a leak goes on , the more damage it causes to the structure of your home, pool, or business.

We are committed to protecting your home and the environment. High water consumption and usage charges can be overwhelming. Leaks can be a big headache for the homeowner or business owner. Once our certified leak detection specialist finds the leak, we will supply options to repair the source of the leak saving our customers thousands of dollars in costly repairs that can add up quickly if the leak is not found.

Identifying leaks early can Reduce water bills, minimize damage to your home, conserve water & protect the value of your home and prevent further damage that could become costly.

How do you know you have a water leak or problem with a swimming pool?

Look for pool/hot tub leak symptoms:

  • High Water bills
  • Dropping water levels
  • Excess algae growth
  • Excess chemical use
  • Air in pump or blown into pool ( bubbles in return)
  • Cleaning problems

Advanced Tracer Gas Technology

Tracer Gas leak detection is an advanced way to find even microscopic leaks. Very few companies offer tracer gas leak detection. We are pleased to be one of them. We serve both residential and commercial clientele in Southern Utah and surrounding areas.

Benefits of using tracer gas:

  • This method is extremely accurate
  • Non Toxic, non-flammable, non-destructive
  • Safe for not only our customers’ homes and businesses owners, but for the environment
  • It helps lower the amount of excavation or digging that is needed due to pinpointing exactly where the leak is coming from, saving our customers time and money

Top 3 Reasons to call Southern Utah leak detection specialists

1. We are a trained and certified leak detection company who is licensed and Insured. We specialize in a non-invasive approach to ensure your safety and use non destructive methods to locate the leak or source of problem. Our company provides quality, precision and accurate leak detection using advanced technology and State of the art equipment to pinpoint the problem area accurately and precisely.

2. On the spot pricing – As a customer we want you to make an informed decision. Our leak detection specialist will locate, isolate and diagnose the problem, communicate with you the cause and extent of damages they see and will give you on the spot repair options and solutions. We offer honest, fair upfront pricing and will work with you to ensure minimal damage.

3. Peace of mind – Leaks can be extremely stressful for homeowners. When it comes to water, main lines, sewer, swimming pool or hot tub leaks we are your go to detectors. you can rest assured you called the right company. You can count on the experts at Southern Utah Leak Detection Specialists to not only be prompt, professional and courteous, but you can count on top of the line quality non-invasive work, giving you peace of mind knowing


We will find the source of your leak and offer repair solutions.

Lauri Smith
Lauri Smith
We had some problems with our pool recently. David was super efficient and explained everything so we understood what was happening. I’m very pleased with his service. I highly recommend !
Lisa Speth
Lisa Speth
Very professional (and courteous) staff and service.
Jathan Truman
Jathan Truman
This is my new favorite company. Great service, very knowledgeable, and a great person to deal with
Kylie Jenkins
Kylie Jenkins
Dave came out and found a water leak in our main line on the first visit that other companies could not. He was very accurate. I would definitely recommend Southern Utah leak Detection.